Heard. Not overheard.  We take pride in accurate audio reproduction that comfortably fits each occasion.

Beyond fantastic live audio reinforcement, our commitment to superior service extends to the venue, performer, and listener alike.

Heard by Humans Audio Services provides professional live audio services for small to medium sized entertainment venues, local and touring bands, weddings and other private celebrations, corporate events, and community gatherings in Denver, Boulder, and surrounding areas.


Serving Denver, Boulder, and surrounding areas, Heard by Humans provides high quality live sound reinforcement and multitrack recording for your special event.

Heard, not overheard

In the world of live audio reinforcement, the focus is often on the larger production events attracting thousands of listeners.  The vast majority of musical performances, however, occur at much smaller, and often make-shift venues where acoustics and quality sound reinforcement are often an afterthought.  These performances are where we give special attention.  Regardless of size, professional performances deserve professional sound services.

We’ve got you covered

Artists have enough to worry about from scheduling and websites to album sales and bridge structures.  Running your own sound from stage or having an untrained buddy watch the faders can cause excess anxiety and completely distract the you from the performance.  There inevitably comes a time when you are required to provide sound reinforcement and simply don’t have the necessary resources or want to relieve yourself of such stresses.  We are here for you.  Special discounts for apply for local and touring bands.

Celebrate your way

Wedding planning can be daunting and expensive.  Many couples now opt for simple musical setups for their weddings and incorporate their own pre-recorded songs, messages, and playlists into the ceremonies and receptions.  If all you need is some high quality sound amplification and perhaps a microphone or two for speeches, our pricing options will put this part of the planning at ease.  Having live music during the ceremony or reception?  That’s our specialty…we can put together a complete package for you.

Results for professionals

From critical presentations to company parties, businesses have a variety of audio service needs.  Our professional demeanor and minimal physical footprint will keep the focus where it belongs and help make your event a success.

Loco for local

Farmer’s markets, business associations, city boards, non-profit organizations, and other local community groups often host events requiring sound services.  Take the technical guesswork out of your event and allow us to develop a package to fit your needs.  Regardless of your resources, give us a call… we love to exchange energies in creative ways.

You have the system, we have know how

If you have your own equipment and need a qualified engineer to run front of house or monitor mixes, we are here to help.  You will regularly find Daniel behind the board at Nissi’s Live Entertainment Venue in Lafayette and other staple venues in the area.

If all you need is a simple setup to amplify pre-recorded music, I have a couple easy-to-use systems for rent.  Delivery, pickup, all necessary cables, and setup instructions are included with all rentals.  Tell us about your event and we’ll help you put together the package that fits your needs.


Heard by Humans utilizes professional level and industry standard equipment such as Yamaha powered speakers, Shure microphones, and Behringer digital mixers.  We focus on clean, crisp sound with the smallest possible physical footprint and in many cases, less is so much more.


With over 15 years of experience in music performance, production, live sound reinforcement, and recording, I have found a niche in the corners of brew-pubs, parking lots, offices, and backyards providing live audio reproduction in the places where music happens the most. I love providing a service that extends beyond the technical aspects of live audio.


For questions and booking contact:

Daniel Finch Owner/Sound Engineer